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We Are Your Rental Home Managers

Who We Are

Rent My LA Pad was founded in 2012. After experimenting with the idea of managing people’s homes, the owner, Katy Cane, was able to transform it into the business it is today. Whether you own a five-million-dollar estate or a single-family home in the suburbs, we can manage it. We are focused, determined and looking to grow with our clients in this demanding industry. Big or Small, We Rent It All!


Mission Statement

We want to make your LA pad a success. That’s why we offer a variety of short-term rental management services for Los Angeles homeowners. If you are looking for an easy and lucrative way to reap benefits of the short-term rental business, look no further. Rent My LA Pad can manage and schedule your rentals so you don’t have to. Call or e-mail us today for an initial appointment.

Why Rent My LA Pad? Results!

We know the secrets to success in this business. Other property managers cater to all types of industries, making them less attentive and resourceful. Our specific knowledge and access to LA homes allow us to maximize our market while forging meaningful relationships with homeowners and guests.

Rent My LA Pad is a successful business because we are constantly striving to be our best at managing our client’s homes for short-term rentals.